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Meet Loki (Not the avengers villan) a Collie cross from Dublin who is known as the king of the house. Loki loves to meet other dogs and seems to enjoy stealing chips from couples along the canal. His Human is Carolina who has been living in Ireland for 15 years. We’re very excited for this story. Be sure to grab a cup of coffee for this one.

Dogs Name: Loki:
Hails from: Dublin
Breed: Collie Cross
Loki’s Date of Birth: 01/10/2018

Tell us a bit more about you – the human
I am from Honduras and have been living in Ireland for 15 years, met my husband 7 years ago and we got married 2 years ago. Soon after that we bought a house and soon after that we started talking about adopting a puppy. My husband always wanted to adopt as all his life he had adopted.

We adopted Loki on the 25th of November 2019 when we was 8 weeks. I work in accounting and my husband in IT. We have flexibility to work from home which has allowed Loki to develop around us and we’ve seen him grow right in front of our eyes.

We love to go hicking and doing road trips which has met Loki’s expectations. We have done various trip, but the biggest one was a 2 day road trip around Ireland. We went to Kerry for a night and he was even allowed into a PUB in Kerry and then from Kerry we went to Connemara.

We are a pair of softies since Loki came into the house, and we sometime we refer that we don’t remember a time before Loki.
I tend to travel for work a day a week for a day trip and usually a bring a small teddy to do him from every trip.

We love to travel around and we tend to do a lot of staycations which we always look now for places where we can bring him.

Why did you take part in the 99k for Canines initiative?
We feel Dogs Trust do amazing work with puppies and dogs and we just felt we had to support. We donate at Xmas items for the puppies and want to be able to support in any way as possible.

What have been the major benefits for you of the challenge?
We are more active, we do 2 daily walks, one in the morning for around 2 – 3KM and then in the evening we do 7 – 8km. For myself we have more energy and now I’m excited to get out walking. It also has helped me bond with Loki even more. At the start of the journey he was afraid to jump in the water now he he gives me the look to check if it is ok and he knows I’ll be there for him if anything happens. He brings me such happiness on our walks and I find myself being more relax and overall much happier due to increase activist in my life.

What do you feel have been the biggest benefits for your dog throughout the challenge
Bonding with both myself and my husband. He spends more time enjoying and sniffing life! He has gotten to discover new places to which we will continue to do so. Meeting other dogs and seeing how friendly he is with other dogs, regardless of environment. For him it has been experiencing new places and new activities.

Fundraising target: €100
Distance 102.5km

Now the important part – The Doggy details

Tell us all about Loki
oki, the King of the house, the one Dog to rule us all.
Since he came to our house we’ve made sure he has his best happy life.
He has 3 – 4 play dates a week and then he does on daily long walks around the royal canal where he loves to jump in the water at every stop!
He extremely friendly with both people and other dogs. He would literally do any trick to get you to give him sausages and other kinds of food. He loves being the center of attention from time to time but as he getting into his teenage phase from time to time he will want to lie away from you and do his own thing. Reclaim his independence.
He’s a very clever little fella, he know when we are going for walks, and aside from his usual, sit, down, etc. he knows BANG, Paw and now learning spring (around) but all when you are trading with food.
He has full access to the house, he will sleep in our bed for 5 mins and then he gets off and goes to the end of the door, making sure we keep safe through the night. When we are not around he gets full access to the whole downstairs of the house!
He also likes to cuddle in the sofa when watching movies.
On walks he’s very quiet and he always loves to get pet by people and sniff other animals. But on the other house when he’s watching Doggy TV (the window) any dog that passes by our house he barks to them like a boss!
He is the boss of the house, he rules with an Iron Paw, he expects boiled eggs and tasty treats at the weekend and won’t settle for anything else. Having said so, he is a very good pup! He’s a crucial member of our family and he treat him like it! He’s an indoor pup and we wouldn’t have any other way.

Loki’s Favourite snack
Boiled chicken & Denny sausages

Loki’s Favourite toy?
Teddy his first toy he ever got!

Loki’s Favourite park
St. Catherine Park

Loki’s Favourite walk
Royal Canal walk

Loves to play with other dogs

What is your favourite activity that you and Loki complete together?
Daily Walk / Run in the Canal, he gets to run, play with passing dogs, he gets pet by other walkers and he gets to jump in and out of the canal while I get to do my exercise alongside him.

What is the funniest/most random thing Loki has ever done?
He ate a pack of chips with salt and vinegar from a couple having lunch in the canal. He smelled, he noticed where they where sitting down and he went for it. The couple was laughing at him and were not mat at all, encouraged him to finish all the chips.

How do you describe your relationship with Loki?
We love to cuddle, and when we are in the house we go together every where. I make sure he eats, that he eats his healthy food and also get something special. We play a lot in our garden and go walking. He is like our little baby in the house and is treated as such. He respects me and if say no he stops what he’s doing. When he’s not around I miss him a lot. He brings joy to our life on a daily basis. And he’s always checking on us. And he wants to make sure we are safe. If i’m Every alone in the house with him at night, before he tucks me in, he checks all the doors of the house and then he goes upstairs, lies on the foot of the bed and once I’m dosing off he moves to the door. He’s my great protector and companion.

Top 5 moments you’ve had with Loki
1) When he came home
2) our road trip around Ireland
3) his first visit to the beach
4) When he did his first jump in the canal
5) his first visit to the vet.

What top 3 words would you use to describe Loki
friendly &

Give details of one thing that your Loki has done to help change your life/improve your life for the better.
He’s established routine in our lives and consistency.
He’s taught in way another level of responsibility that we didn’t practice, we no longer think of just us but of him all the time and our decision process revolves around him.
We are much more active because of him.
Our lives are completely different for the best, we tend to refer as BL (before Loki) and now and now is much much better!

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