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Dog of the Day – Poppy

Meet Poppy our very first Doggy of the Day

Welcome to the Barking Mad Dog of the Day series. In this series, we will be introducing you to a different dog each day, getting to know lots more about them, their humans and the bond between them. We put lots of questions to the doggies and humans to give you an idea of what is so Pawsome about them:

What make’s these doggies extra special is that they’re all participating in the 99k for canines initiative to raise funds for Dogs Trust. So far, over €83k has been raised on Facebook alone. Without further delay, lets meet our first Doggy.

Dogs Name: Poppy:
Hails from: Newport, Co Tipp

Breed: Long Hair terrier
Loves to play with other dogs
Human: Shannen Sudds.

Let’s get to know them shall we:

Tell us a bit more about you:

I’m shannen I’m 25 and i have one dog, Poppy or Princess Poppy as she’s also known. I got Poppy at 6 weeks old and she’s now just turned 2, she’s a long haired terrier and we are both each other’s number 1 fan, I’ve always had a dog in the house since about the age of 6, my previous dog was shadow whos breed was never fully discovered Shadow had to be PTS on 26may2017 at the great age of 16, I love all animals so when i heard Poppy needed a home i knew it was a sign as o had just lost my previous bestie. I’m currently working in a factory but also doing a dog grooming course in my own time and hope to one day open up my own business of grooming and training animals with the possibility of animal kennels or maybe my own little sanctuary. I regularly donate to limerick animal welfare and try do little fundraisers to help with these donations and go out and walk the dogs, hopefully soon I’ll be able to take Poppy out there to choose her new brother or sister, one of the many fur additions i hope to have.


Why are you taking part in the 99k for Canines initiative?

I love to try and walk Poppy but sometimes the initiative just isn’t there for me, i work 12 hour shifts, on days and nights so joining the 99k was great motivation for me to actually have to walk Poppy and spend more time with her, i like to donate regularly to the animal welfare and help volunteer walk the dogs so when i saw the 99k and it’s fundraiser i knew it was something i could get on bored with, animal cruelty is a big thing in ireland and these organisations run on donations so i loved to able to try raise a bit of money and help a good cause, we are the animals voices.

What have been the major benefits for you of the challenge so far?

Working shift work trying to get all the kms in has been tough and trying to find the motivation to do the walks.

What do you feel have been the biggest benefits for your dog so far in the challenge

Myself and Poppy have spent alot more time together and i feel its building a stronger bond between us, she’s learning alot more commands and I love getting to teach her new things and meet new friends

Fundraising target: €200
Distance to date: 50k (half way there)

Tell us about your Poppy:
Poppy is a long haired terrier who turned 2 in June, she’s a barrel of joy and always has a tail wag for everyone she meets, sometimes she gets so excited she can’t control herself 😂 but i wouldn’t change her for the world, poppy is my inspiration to go back to college to do grooming and when i finish i know she’ll be the perfect lil customer to be groomed, poppy has so much energy to burn being so young and every-time i leave the room she’ll winge and cry for me to come back and spend more time with her, she loves nothing more though than curling up on the couch with me under a blanket having a quick nap

Poppy’s Favourite snack
Misfits tangly twists or tesco dog treat sausages

Poppy’s Favourite toy?
Pink ball

Poppy’s Favourite park
Doneraile park

Poppy’s Favourite walk
Doneraile park

Loves to play with other dogs

What is your favourite activity that you and Poppy complete together?
Taking poppy on the drive to Doneraile park and having a long walk around, after the walk we sit on a blanket and have our own teddy bear picnic and play ball

What is the funniest/most random thing Poppy has ever done?
The cat videos you see online when the cats get a shock and jump up, yeah poppy does that jump and i swear sometimes she nearly makes the meow noise too

How do you describe your relationship with Poppy?
My dog is my lil fur baby she’s my number 1 and I’m hers, i go away for a few days and i always bring her something back as a treat, whereever i go poppy is never too far behind, she’s like my little shadow

Top 5 moments you’ve had with Poppy

  1. When i first got poppy she was so small she would curl up on my shoulder and put her head into my neck
  2. Our long walks in doneraile having a picnic
  3. Teaching poppy how to howl or as we call it singing
  4. Teaching poppy her commands when out on our walks and knowing she understands them

What top 3 words would you use to describe your dog(s)

  1. Happy-go-lucky
  2. Princess
  3. Playful

Give details of one thing that your Poppy has done to help change your life/improve your life for the better.
Poppy being so happy and energetic has made me be more energetic and taking her on walks has helped me to be fitter


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