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Dogs of the Day Bennie & Ollie

Meet Bennie and Ollie, Jack Russell and Chihuaha and the very last of our #99kforcanines dogs of the day. They hail from the Rebel county of Cork. Bennie’s favourite snack is Liver, Ollie’s is anything Bennie has really.


Dogs Name: Bennie and Ollie:
Hails from: Cork
Breed: Jack Russell and Chihuaha
Bennie and Ollie Date of birth: 03/07/2007 & 16/07/2016

Tell us a bit more about you – the human
I am the proud dog mommy of Bennie and Ollie, These two doggies are my everything, I contracted a life threatening illness two years ago that almost killed me and if ot wasn’t for these two I believe that I would have not survived, I had to still get up every day and look after them and they thought me that i had to push through as they depended on me.

Why did you take part in the 99k for Canines initiative?
Because I wanted to raise awareness for Dog’s Trust.

What have been the major benefits for you of the challenge?
The fact that we have helped even one dog with what we raised is amazing amd the fact that people may have actually looked at Dog’s trust aand potentially donated or adopted after seeing our posts etc makes me very happy.

What do you feel have been the biggest benefits for your dog throughout the challenge
They lost weight (lol) amd made loads of new friends.

Fundraising target: €200
Distance: 129km

Now the important part – The Doggy details

Tell us all about Bennie and Ollie
Bennie is my Jack Russell he is 12 years young and an amazing little guy, he brings joy to every one he meets and he doesn’t ask for much except to be loved, He just loves cuddles and his walks.
Ollie my Chihuaha is three years young and is 3kgs of mischief and craziness,
He loves his bed and beware to the person who tries to take him out of it, When he is awake,he loves nothing more than annoying his brother Bennie, He takes great pleasure from pestering him, He loves to guard the garden from predators such as robins, when it comes to pidgeons he gets his bigger bro to scare them off.
On weekends Bennie and Ollie can be found fighting for the greyhounds at protests and delivering food to rescues that need it.

Bennie and Ollie’s Favourite snack
Bennie’s is Liver, Ollie’s is Bennie’s snacks

Bennie and Ollie’s Favourite toy?
Bennie’s is his Kong and Ollie’s is his cat toy

Bennie and Ollie’s Favourite park
Regional Park

Bennie and Ollie’s Favourite walk
Regional Park

Loves to play with other dogs

What is your favourite activity that you and Bennie and Ollie complete together?
We go to lots of charity events

What is the funniest/most random thing Bennie and Ollie has ever done?
Dressed as nuns and went on TV

How do you describe your relationship with Bennie and Ollie?

Top 5 moments you’ve had with Bennie and Ollie
Every day is a top moment

What top 3 words would you use to describe Bennie and Ollie

Give details of one thing that your Bennie and Ollie has done to help change your life/improve your life for the better.
They teach you to love life and move on from things.


So that wraps up on our 99km Dogs of the Day. It’s been a wonderful experience to take part in the 99k initiative with Dogs Trust and to be able to tell the stories of so many of the awesome doggy friends we made along the way. 

Dog of the Day will return in a few days with a slightly different format. We can’t wait to share whats next with you and will continue to share our awesome dogs of the day as we move forward on


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