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Dogs of the Day Boomer & Bailey

Meet Boomer and Bailey, our dogs of the Day for Thursday. Boomer is a terrier and Bailey is half jackrusell/terrier. They come from Dublin where they live with their human Amanda and they love footballs and sticks.

Dogs Name(s): Boomer & Bailey:
Hails from: Dublin
Breed: Terrier & Jack Russell X terrier
Boomer & Bailey Date of birth: 24/06/2017 & 12 /1/19

Tell us a bit more about you – the human
I am a mum to 5 kids 2 dogs 2 gold fish and a bearded dragon we love going walking with all the family

Why did you take part in the 99k for Canines initiative?
To try help other dogs but also to get the Whole family involved

What have been the major benefits for you of the challenge?
Well we walked a lot of different places that we wouldn’t have dreamed about walking to plus it helped me loose 7 pound in weight doing the 99 k walk

What do you feel have been the biggest benefits for your dog throughout the challenge
they got to make new friend and get a lot more walks.

Fundraising target: €0
Distance: 99k

Now the important part – The Doggy details

Tell us all about Boomer & Bailey
Boomer is so pleasant he take everything in his stride I call him the gentle gaint even tho he is a small dog he looks so big compared to Bailey untill you say the word out then he turn into a kangaroo .Bailey on the other gand just came into our lives and took over everything for the size of him he could havemy kitchen upside down in 1 minute.Boomer will let Bailey go to sleep on top of him.

Boomer & Bailey’s Favourite snack

Boomer & Bailey’s Favourite toy?
Footballs and sticks

Boomer & Bailey’s Favourite park
Santry forest

Boomer & Bailey’s Favourite walk
Walking up to the airport

Loves to play with other dogs

What is your favourite activity that you and Boomer & Bailey complete together?
Would have to be football

What is the funniest/most random thing Boomer & Bailey has ever done?
They open up the press by banging on it and got the cornflakes out and had a field day with them.

How do you describe your relationship with Boomer & Bailey?
Well if someone was to take my dogs I would trade my hubby for them.

Top 5 moments you’ve had with Boomer & Bailey
Love when they knock at the door to come in from the garden

What top 3 words would you use to describe Boomer & Bailey
My baby’s

Give details of one thing that your Boomer & Bailey has done to help change your life/improve your life for the better.
They make me want to get up and be a lot more healthier since we got them


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