Labrador Bailey rescued by Garda O Callaghan in Ardmore after suffering broken paw

Garda O Callaghan rescued the dog - Bailey who had sustained a broken paw, and carried the dog on his shoulders for 1km to his car


It’s always nice when you hear a feel good story, a story which makes you look at humanity and think Wow there are some amazing big hearted people in the world. Well, today, we get to say that about Garda O Callaghan, a member of An Garda Siochana who went above and beyond the call of duty to rescue a Labrador with a broken paw.

Garda O Callaghan from Ardmore received a call from three people out walking the cliffs after they found a dog with a broken paw nearby. Garda O Callaghan rushed to the scene to this beautiful dogs aid.

Upon locating Bailey who was unable to walk due to the broken paw, Garda O Callaghan carried the beautiful gentle Labrador about a kilometre back to the car and then onto the vets. The picture which was taken by Naoive, Oisin and Jean who contacted the Gardai initially, sums it up and it really would melt your heart.

Bailey is on the mend back home now after this extraordinary dedication from Garda O Callaghan. We wish Bailey a speedy recovery and offer thanks to Garda O Callaghan for his incredible heroism to this wonderful dog. Bailey is sure to be grateful to this awesome Garda too. This was definitely our big Awwww moment of the day.

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